The Camp Jordan 4 Miler is 4.00 miles on the trail with terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Camp Jordan

Comments about this route:
Meet at the parking lot by the Camp Jordan Arena. Camp Jordan is located in East Ridge, TN (exit 1 off I-75). The area's address is:

323 Camp Jordan Pkwy

East Ridge, TN 37412

A map of the course is available at:

The route:
H20 Miles Turn Street Name Instructions
Start Camp Jordan Arena
L Camp Jordan Trail
1.4 L bridge Take a left to go up the bridge and over the creek, we are now heading towards the levee trail
1.7 R trail fork at the fork head to the right
1.8 R levee trail At the top of the hill after you pass under I-75 take a right onto the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway (aka. levee) trail. Watch for the trail mileage signs every 0.2 mi (many are now covered over with paint). We'll use these to know when to turn back
PwA 2.5 TA Brainerd Rd. Look for a cooler near the Brainerd Rd intersection. The cooler may be on either side of Brainerd Rd or in the underpass. Use the steps and paved trail to go under Brainerd Rd, do not attempt to run across the road. After the drinks turn around and head back towards Camp Jordan.
3.3 L I-75 When you are nearing I-75 remember to take a right at the trail fork so you can go under I-75
3.4 L trail fork Just after the I-75 under pass be sure to take a left and head back toward the bridge to Camp Jordan.
3.5 L Camp Jordan Trail When you come down off the bridge take a left at the bottom of the bridge and finish out the Camp Jordan loop (do not go back around the loop the same way we came).
4 Finish