The St Elmo & Moccasin Bend - Sports Barn is 18.00 miles on the road with flat terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown Sports Barn - 301 Market St

Comments about this route:
This run combines two of our normal routes - the St Elmo 10 Miler plus the Moccasin Bend 8 Miler. Both routes begin and end at the downtown Sports Barn (301 Market St).
The run is open to all runners. The run is also part of the Chattanooga Track Club's Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program. Learn more at

The route:

St Elmo 10 Miler
H20 MilesTurn Street Name Instructions
Start Sports Barn
0 L 3rd St
0.1 R Chestnut
0.4 L Riverfront Pkwy Riverfront becomes Riverside Dr, which become 20th
2.3 R Carter St
2.4 L 21st
2.5 R Chestnut
2.9 L 26th St
3 R Sydney St
3.2 L 28th St
3.25 R Broad St
3.55 R ?? No Name St Take first right after the Southern Saddlery Building
3.6 L St. Elmo Ave
4.2 STR Cross over 37th street, staying on St. Elmo - be careful of traffic at intersection
4.45 R Tennesse Ave
4.6 Soft L Tennesse Ave Stay to the left at Tennessee / St. Elmo intersection - Tennessee will become Florida
5.4 R 47st
5.5 R Virginia Ave Continue on Virginia Ave until you get back to St. Elmo Ave - don't worry about the dead end sign near the end, there is a foot path that will take you to St. Elmo
6.35 R St. Elmo Ave
6.4 L Tennesse Ave
6.4 R St. Elmo Ave Stay on St Elmo, cross over 37th street, be careful of traffic
7.35 R ?? No Name St
7.45 L Broad St
7.75 L 28th St turn left after crossing over the train tracks
7.8 R Sydney St
8 L 26th St
8.1 R Chestnut Stay on Chestnut past the stadium heading toward down town (note: we will not be returning via Riverfront)
9.25 L 11th St
9.3 R Carter St
9.45 STR Chestnut At MLKing Carter becomes Chestnut - go straight
9.95 R 3rd St
PwA 10 Sports BarnStop at the Sports Barn for a quick drink, then its time to head out to Moccasin Bend 8 miler

Moccasin Bend 8 Miler
H20 Miles Turn Street Name Instructions
Start Sports Barn
L Market St Run over Market St bridge
0.62 L Fraizer Ave
0.7 L Manufacturers Rd
1.6 L Hamm Rd
2.35 L Moccasin Bend Rd
PwA3.0 Golf Course Drinks at entrance to the golf course by the sign.
4.15 TA Turn around at the guard house for the Moccasin Bend Hospital. Turn around and retrace your steps to the Sports Barn
PwA5.3 Golf Course Drinks at entrance to the golf course by the sign.
6 R Hamm Rd
6.7 R Manufacturers Rd
7.6 R Fraizer Ave
7.7 R Market St
8.3 Finish Sports Barn