The Main Street / Highland Park 10-miler is 10.00 miles on the road with flat terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

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The route:
1. RIGHT 6th St / Gateway Ave
2. RIGHT MLK Blvd to END
3. LEFT Riverfront Pkwy ~ 1.5 mi
4. LEFT Broad St ~ 1 mi
5. RIGHT 11th St
7. LEFT W Main St Water Stop @ firehouse on RIGHT
8. LEFT Central Ave
10. BEAR RIGHT E 14th St ~ 1 mi
11. LEFT S Willow St
12. CROSS McCallie Ave
13. LEFT Oak St to END
14. LEFT S Holtzclaw Ave
15. NEXT RIGHT McCallie Ave
16. LEFT Central Ave
17. NEXT RIGHT E 8th Ave
18. NEXT LEFT Fairview Ave Water Stop @ Fairview/Flynn on left (porch)
19. RIGHT Flynn St
20. RIGHT Magnolia St
21. LEFT McCallie Ave
22. RIGHT Douglas St to END
23. LEFT Mocs Alumni Dr
24. CROSS Riverside Dr / BECOMES Mable St
25. LEFT Battery Pl / MERGE onto Riverwalk
26. FOLLOW Stairs down to Spring St
27. CONTINUE Spring St (Sculpture Garden on right)
28. LEFT E 2nd St
29. RIGHT High St at stop sign (toward mansion)
30. KEEP LEFT to stairs down to Riverfront Pkwy (in front on Mansion)
31. CROSS Riverfront Pkwy / CONTINUE E Aquarium Way
32. LEFT Walnut St
33. RIGHT E 4th St
34. LEFT Market St
35. RIGHT 6th St
36. BACK to YMCA