The Red Bank Golden Gallon + Moccasin Bend is 20.00 miles on the road with mixed terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:

The route:
This route is a combination of two familiar 10-milers from the Y. The first 10 is the out and back to the Red Bank Golden Gallon. The second 10 is the out and back to Mocassin Bend. Here are the routes: First 10 - Red Bank Golden Gallon:
- Take 6th to Market and turn LEFT
- Once over Market Street Bridge turn LEFT on Cherokee Blvd
- Go through the Cherokee tunnel
- Take the first RIGHT on to Ashmore Avenue (water and bathroom at EMT station)
- Follow Ashmore to Memorial Drive
- Turn LEFT on Memorial Drive then RIGHT on Lyndon
- Follow Lyndon to Culver where you turn LEFT toward Dayton Blvd
- Turn RIGHT on Dayton Blvd
- Stay on Dayton Blvd until you turn RIGHT on Harding
- Take a LEFT on Greenwich- stay straight until you see Newberry
- Turn LEFT on Newberry and go to the Golden Gallon (There is a water faucet on side of the building. They do not have a public bathroom.)
- Return to the Y by the same route

The Next 10 - Mocassin Bend:

- Turn LEFT out of the Y and take a LEFT on Chestnut St
- Whe you reach 2nd Street turn RIGHT then LEFT on Market St, going over Market Street Bridge
- LEFT onto Cherokee Blvd to Manufacturers Road (bear LEFT past SunTrust)
- Stay on Manufacturers Road to Hamm Road where you turn LEFT
- Follow Hamm Road (water faucet at tan brick building on left-David F. Moore and Associates) to Moccassin Bend Road where you turn LEFT
- Water and bathroom facilities are available at the golf course club house on your right
- Take Moccassin Bend Road to Moccassin Bend Hospital (water/bathrooms at main building in circle driveway)
- At the split in front of the main building, turn RIGHT and go 30 yards to the road that goes to the Winston Building
- Turn RIGHT on that road and run down and around the Winston Building and come back
- Exit the hospital "campus" the same way you went in and follow Moccassin Bend Road back to Hamm Road
- Turn RIGHT on Hamm Road (remember water faucet at David F. Moore and Associates)
- Stay on Hamm Road until turning RIGHT on Manufacturers Road
- Follow Manufacturers Road to Cherokee Blvd turning RIGHT and run through the SunTrust parking lot
- Then RIGHT on Market St, going over the bridge
- Turn RIGHT on 2nd St following it to Chestnut where you turn LEFT
- Follow Chestnut to 6th and turn RIGHT back to the Y!