The Riverfront, Downtown, and Moccasin Bend is 16.00 miles on the road with mixed terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:

The route:
- Start from the Y and head down 6th Street, taking a LEFT on Chestnut
- Follow Chestnut to the aquarium and take a LEFT on Riverfront Parkway
- Follow Riverfront Parkway to Broad Street
- Take a LEFT on Broad Street and continue on Broad until you reach ML King. (There is a water faucet at the tan brick building on your right after 13th Street and before the TVA complex)
- At ML King turn RIGHT, go two blocks and turn LEFT on Georgia Avenue
- Follow Georgia Avenue over Veterans Bridge to Frazier Avenue
- Take Frazier Avenue/Cherokee Blvd. through the Cherokee Tunnel until you see the Cherokee Motel on your LEFT
- Turn LEFT on E. Elmwood Drive just past the Cherokee Motel
- Follow E. Elmwood Drive to Pineville Road
- Turn LEFT on Pineville Road and run to Moccassin Bend Hospital (Golf Course and Hospital both have water/bathrooms) and loop around the Winston Building
- Return down Pineville Road to Hamm Road, taking a RIGHT on Hamm Road. (Water at David Moore & Associates building on Hamm Road.)
- Follow Hamm Road to Manufacturers Road taking a RIGHT on Manufacturers Road
- Follow Manufacturers Road to Market Street Bridge where you go over the bridge
- Turn RIGHT on to 2nd Street then LEFT on Broad Street
- Follow Broad to 6th Street and turn RIGHT
- Return to the Y