The Bitch'n Run is 22.00 miles on the road with hilly terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:
Recommended placements for water coolers: Windridge Apartments (5m), Altamont & Crestwood (13.5), corner of Vine & Palmetto (around 20).

The route:
- Over Walnut Street Bridge
- LEFT to Manufacturer's Road
- Down Manufacturer's Rd then LEFT on Hamm Rd
- RIGHT on Pineville Road-Pass KZ106, Chatt St Tech, go up hill
- See Wind Ridge Apartments - 5 mile mark
- Continue down Pineville Road to Signal Mtn Blvd
- LEFT on Signal Mtn Blvd then cross Signal Mtn Blvd and go 3/10 mile to Runyan
- RIGHT on Runyan and follow Runyan (LEFT on N. Runyan) to Mountain Creek Road
- RIGHT on Mountain Creek Road - Pass Scenic Land School at 8 miles
- RIGHT on Morrison Springs Road - stay on sidewalk
- RIGHT on Lamar
- See CONOCO Break Place - water break - 10 mile mark
- Stay on Lamar
- Take Lamar to Greenleaf
- Stay on Greenleaf to Dayton Blvd
- Follow Dayton Blvd
- LEFT on Culver (just before CONOCO)
- RIGHT on Lyndon
- LEFT on Memorial Drive
- LEFT on Altamont
- Straight through flashing light at Altamont and Crestwood - 13.5 mile mark
- Follow Altamont to Hixson Pike
- RIGHT on Hixson Pike - stay on sidewalk
- Stay on Hixson Pike up hill toward Riverview
- At hill top cross street when sidewalk runs out
- LEFT on Shady Circle
- RIGHT on Shady Circle
- LEFT on Sunset
- Water fountain at 1529 Sunset - Abner Oldham's home - 15 mile mark
- Continue down Sunset to Riverview Road - Stay straight on Riverview Road
- LEFT on Dorchester all the way to golf course
- Follow loop back to Dorchester
- Stay on Dorchester to Hixson Pike
- LEFT on Hixson Pike to Golden Gallon - water break - 16.75 miles
- Stay on Hixson Pike toward Barton Avenue taking LEFT of Dugdale
- RIGHT on to Young Avenue
- Stay on Young then LEFT on Carroll
- RIGHT on Sterling
- Corner of Sterling at GPS see water fountain on LEFT
- RIGHT on Island to Barton Avenue
- Stay on Barton then cross Veteran's Bridge facing traffic
- LEFT on 4th
- RIGHT at UTC Arena on E. 5th
- Veer LEFT past arena staying on E. 5th
- RIGHT on Palmetto
- LEFT on Vine Street - look for water break on Vine
- RIGHT on Central
- RIGHT on McCallie - Fletcher Hall - 20.25 mile mark
- LEFT on Georgia
- RIGHT on ML King
- RIGHT on Pine
- HOME! 22 miles!!