The North Chattanooga is 6.00 miles on the road with mixed terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:

The route:
- Head out from the Y to Market
- LEFT onto Market and cross Market Street Bridge
- RIGHT onto Frazier
- RIGHT on Tremont (as if you're headed to the Chattanooga Theater)
- LEFT on River Street, go 1.5 blocks, jog LEFT and then RIGHT and head up the hill under Veteran's
- Near the top of the hill (about 75 yards up) turn RIGHT onto Frazier Ave (runs behind GPS)
- Follow Frazier until it ends, and turn LEFT onto Island Ave.
- Go 200 yards and turn RIGHT onto Sterling Ave. (WATER FOUNTAIN ON RIGHT at the start of Sterling)
- Follow Sterling to Carroll and turn LEFT onto Carroll
- Go one block and turn RIGHT onto Young Ave.
- At the bottom of Young, get water at the park
- Turn around and come back up Young
- LEFT onto Carroll
- RIGHT onto Sterling Ave. (WATER FOUNTAIN ON LEFT at the end of Sterling)
- RIGHT onto Island
- LEFT onto Barton Ave.
- Cross Veterans bridge and go to 6th
- RIGHT onto 6th
- Back to the Y