The Riverwalk 16-miler is 16.00 miles on the road with flat terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:

The route:
9-29-06: Still no firm mileage on this route. Recommendation is to run the bridges first by going up 6th, left on Walnut right on Frazier, right on Veterans and take the stairs at the bottom of Veterans to Battery Place to get onto the Riverwalk at the intersection of Battery Place and Mabel Street.

This makes for a front end of 2.3 miles up to the Riverwalk entrance. You can then head out the Riverwalk as far as you like and then come back by the same route or head straight back into the Y without doing the bridges.

There is no question that 16 miles are available to you via this route. We just don't know a precise turnaround yet, so best to run with a GPS or run based on time. If anyone gets a precise GPS turnaround for 16 with the bridges on both ends, please email and let me know where that is.