The Raccoon Mountain 18 miler is 18.00 miles on the road with hilly terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Bi-Lo in Lookout Valley at Kelly’s Ferry Rd

Comments about this route:

The route:
- Start in front of the Bi-Lo in Lookout Valley at Kelly’s Ferry Rd.
- Follow Kelly’s Ferry Rd. all the way out to Cummings Hwy. (3.3 miles)
- Turn Right onto Cummings Hwy.
- Turn right into the TVA Raccoon Mtn. Pump Storage entrance.
- Follow the main road until you are close to the river. There will be bathrooms and water fountain on your left. (5.7 miles)
- Go up the mountain and through main gate. When at the top (9.2 miles) bear right.
- Turn right into Visitors Center for water and bathrooms. (11.1 miles)
- Come back to main road and turn right.
- (At mile 12.5 you can turn right to Laurel Point Picnic area if you want to add on another 1.5 miles)
- At mile 13.7 bear right and go back down mountain.
- When you get through main gate turn right and then a right again onto Elder Mtn. Rd. (watch for cars)
- Turn right on Raccoon Trail (or can go about a block to a convience store for drinks) - Turn right onto Browns Ferry Rd.
- Return right into Bi-Lo parking lot for aprox 18 miles