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Welcome to!

This web application is provided for the benefit of Chattanooga runners - long distance runners, in particular. All of the information contained with GroupRun's databases - the routes, route maps, runs, events and everything else - is entered and maintained by runners who enjoy their sport and who are willing to spend some of their time and energy supporting this running community.

If you like this application, please take advantage of it. If you have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to email us.

And most of all, have a great run! Purpose and Objectives*

To assist Chattanooga runners who want to find running partners and who want to find out about running groups they can join on long runs.

• Enable users to see upcoming runs, races and events related to running.
• Enable users to find a wide variety of run routes.
• Enable users to post notes to a running community bulletin board.
• Enable users to log their own runs and view their run history.
• Enable users to enter their own routes and schedule their own runs.
• Maintain a database of run routes with directions, descriptions and maps.

*Some objectives are longer term and are not currently being met. Also, please feel free to make suggestions!


In order to take full advantage of the web application, we need to know who you are (we're not going to let "just anyone" schedule runs, events, etc.). You tell us who you are by registering with the Personal Info form. Once you're registered, you become a "Member" with your own login and password that will give you full access to the application.

Members of are able to do the following:
  • Maintain a personal run journal
  • Enter routes for the group
  • Schedule group runs
  • Post info on scheduled races and events (coming soon...)
  • See the directory of members

The only requirement for becoming a member is that you provide your own personal information for the rest of the group. You do not have to make "everything" public, but you do have to share your name and your e-mail address. You may also share your home address info, your age, your average pace, etc., but those things are optional.

Use the Personal Info screen to enter and edit your personal info. The first time you use this screen, you must enter a unique user name and password. That user name and password will be necessary from then on for you to log in and to access the Member section of



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