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Route Details
The State Line 18 Miler is 18.00 miles on the road with flat terrain.

The starting point for this route is: Downtown YMCA

Comments about this route:

The route:
- Take 6th to Chestnut and turn LEFT
- Take Chestnut to Riverfront Parkway and turn LEFT onto Riverfront
- Follow Riverfront all the way past the stadium to Broad Street
- Turn RIGHT onto Broad Street
- Follow Broad Street all the way to Tennessee Ave at the bottom of Lookout Mt. (landmarks = Shoney's, Walgreens on the left)
- LEFT on Tennessee Avenue (Favorite Market just past tunnel for bathroom)
- Follow Tennessee Avenue to just past the Civil War Museum where Tennessee bears left and St. Elmo bears right (and Ochs Highway heads up the mountain)
- Bear RIGHT and follow St. Elmo Avenue
- Follow St. Elmo Avenue through St. Elmo to the CONOCO at the State Line (WATER/POWERADE/BATHROOM - need $)
- Continue past the state line a little less than 1/10th of a mile to where 193 bears left and Chattanooga Valley bears right (there's no road sign indicating Chattanooga Valley)
- BEAR RIGHT onto Chattanooga Valley (the road with no sign...)
- Pipe Shop road = .6 miles (from the state line)
- Straight street = .8 miles
- .85 miles down Chattanooga Valley there are some new houses on the left. Morse Drive, on the left, is after the last house
- Morse Drive = .9 miles - start looking for the mailbox on your right numbered 915 (Used to be the GLADDEN mailbox, for those who remember...)
- At mailbox 915, continue 1 more mile to power lines / - cooler on Rock Creek Road road at right
- Continue down Rock Creek Road for 1 mile. TURNAROUND
- Return by the same route through St. Elmo
- When you get to Broad, take Broad all the way in to 6th
- LEFT on 6th, and back to the Y

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